(This is blog post I posted in previous blog on Oct 31, 2016)

My recent life in Romania

At first I want to share my recent situation.

At now, I’m living in provincial town called Sibiu in Romania.  I said city but it is kind of country side compare with my home town Osaka. Road in front of house I live is still dart road. They are working on now.

I’m living in here as a street musician. My first time visit to this town is two years ago. I came to psytrance festival called Transylvania Calling. It happened in mountain near here.

That time I bought big van with 6 other friends to travel around Europe. We create sound healing workshop to entering festivals for free,  then sale sushi and patches in camp area to make money.

End of hard working and enjoying all summer, I came to this town for just enjoy.


How I started to be street musician

Traveling by night train from Hungary, arrived to Sibiu at noon time of Sunday. I didn’t know anything about this town, just start walk to town center. There was big pottery market in town square, lots of people around.

Last time when I came to Romania, I was busking (play music in street to make money) in other town and made some good money. I thought it could happen in this time as well. Take out my instruments from bag and start play in town square.

By the way, I play music instruments called Handpan, it is UFO shape fantastical metal instrument. Often people give me lots of attention because of sound and shape, also my Asian face.

Same in this time, I got lots of attention from everyone who came to pottery market. Everybody throws 1 Leu plastic note to my bag. 1 leu is about 25 cents, it’s not big money but if everyone throws, it become a big amount.

Really everybody throw money to my bag, every 30 min to 1 hour, I needed to move money to another bag otherwise it will overflow.

I was continue play music until 10 pm without stop. then go back to dormitory room to count money I got. It took three hours to count money. Plastic one leu note is not easy to count.

It was 2800 Lei, it is about $720 USD. It’s huge money to make in one day. it is same as 46 days amount of minimum wage in this town.

Of cause I was very excited and happy, then my friend said yo me it is only first time, just a beginners luck.

Now I look back this memory and I really understand what that meaning. It is absolutely true.

Since that time, maximum I made was only 1/3 of it. And even every time I play, getting less and less by the time goes because of people get bored. but still good enough for me.

Since that time, I start to travel as street musician, and come back to this town every summer.


I got free house to live

I was stayed in dormitory room last year, it wasn’t  so nice to stay in dormitory for long time. But this year luckily I got nice house to stay.

Lucky story to stay in this house. It was three months ago, I was play music in street and met two German girls. We get along and hang around, play music together and dance. One day they invite me to stay in house for few days.

They said this house is belong to some Romanian woman who lives in Germany. She wants to sale house but still have some time till find buyer. They invite me to stay for free until somebody buy it!

But I need to pay expenses and take care tiny kitty. Of cause no problem!!

Actual proper house with tons of organic grape in big garden.

Wow, lucky me, thank you! I love a cat! she is sleeping on my lap right now. Sooooo cute!!

I met owner of house only 1 minutes but she trust me. I felt really lucky to be Japanese, people trust me.

These one month, weather get cold and rainy. I stop play music in street and just stay in house. NEET life as a title of this blog.

Mostly recording music and compose, update website, read comics, meditate, very much indoor OTAKU life. I didn’t talk with people properly for long time. Actually I feel nice and enjoy like this.

This is song I made yesterday, please listen if you like.

My life is like this now a days.


To be continued…

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