Attracted to bitcoin

I have Japanese friend who has very strong channeling ability.
He sent me message about asking question about health after long time no see each other.

After sometime I got an invitation to Facebook group about Bitreagion.
It is about system of invest bitcoin to gain amount.

I noticed bitcoin already in year 2011. I thought this is the thing can change domination system of international bank group.

But that time I was not interested to invest money for something, I didn’t buy it. That time 1 bitcoin was $15. If I bought $150, it become 80 times more $12000 now. It’s to late…


Then what is Bitreagion?
This is similar to normal bank system. Instead of create money by debt, Bitreagion create money by trust investment. Then you get 1% interest per day.

This is an incredible amount of interest. It is not 1% per month. It is 1% per day.

I usually don’t trust these kind of information, but I got this information from friend I trust, so, I start to research about it.

It was very interesting to research about it. It is true about that high percentage interest. And I understood it will never crash down

I start thinking maybe this is good idea to invest on it.
At least just try to register. It’s cost money to register bit I never know until I really do it.

Then I finished register, ready to invest money.
Before that, once more research it, then I find out there is long long queue of waiting for withdraw money.

Even if it doesn’t crash, takes too much time to withdraw, I feel bit scary. I decide to keep distance from it for sometime.


This time I research a lot about bitcoin and Bitreagion, I really understood how much huge potential bitcoin has.
It is much more stable than bank issued money in long-term point of view.

I decide to move all my saving (only $1000) to bitcoin.

I travel all around world and make business between country. It is fit well to my life style.

Also probably price will increase more and more, if I have even little bit of bitcoin, it will be big amount. Of cause no one knows what’s going to happen in future.


No more income in island


I was busking in town center of island then arrested by police. I wrote in last post. That time I promised them to not make money in town anymore. I lost way to make money in here.

Sometime I play music in ecstatic dance and yoga workshop, sometime sale sacred geometry patches in market but it is not enough income to live life.
Slowly I start to borrow money from my partner Tsukiko.

I was working as a blog writer for curation site for little bit. It was good practice for wrote blog, but I didn’t feel enough passion and not so good money for slow writer, I stop it for now.

Same time I make organic hemp cloth with tailor in Nepal but it takes so much time and delay.

Also I rend money to few people but some of them are not answering.

Suddenly I enter to no money cycle.


Searching possibility of doing things I like in place where I like to be.

My flow is express passion from inner consciousness world to outside material world. I’m not interesting to other thing and can not do it even I tried.

My area in this island has lots of yoga ashram. Lots of conscious people living here, easy to do shiatsu therapist job here.

I studied massage called “Tao Shiatsu”.
I have confident to do it because I used to giving massage as professional therapist.

But recent conscious changing in last few years, I start to think healing people temporally by massage is not really healing in true meaning.

Also I’m thinking if I have thought of want to heal other people, then I create people who wants to healed from others.

That’s why I don’t have much passion to do shiatsu massage for people.

In other hand, I think maybe good idea to not attached to idea of following passion and do whatever I can in every moment.

So far, just borrowed money from Tsukiko for the moment and leave it as it is.


Opening channeling ability


In these days, that channeller friend (This is his blog) invite me for online channeling session of Angel Uriel.

I usually don’t really trust these kind of thing, but I trust spiritual awareness of this channeller, I decide to join for fun.

His talk is always very high level awake and multi dimensional. I always excited to hear.

That time he accept any kind of question to Angel Uriel.

I’m already awaken in my own way, I don’t have much question. But still of I ask something, I would like to hear what Uriel wants to tell me.


Answer of that question was very interesting.

As he said, my guide spirit is very large-scale. Something like elder spirit who unifies one galaxy. And not holding it by power or force. It unifies by wisdom.

And he said when I play Handpan, many spirit from different dimensions are come to listen.

I have strong support from guide spirit, if I have the intention to connect to spirit, I can receive that vibration and express it as music performance. That vibration has power to heal soul and spirit.

When we born as human being, we have some kind of intention or agenda. Guide spirit and higher self always help us to navigate to that direction.

But often human have strong ego and choose different direction than what soul wants to go.

In that moment guide spirit and higher self has disappointment emotion.

When this emotion stored a lot, it will express as negative phenomenon to material dimension.

Then if I tune in to vibration of elder spirit and play Handpan music, healing gonna happen to spirits and souls who listening my music.

I really understood what he said. Because I recognize myself as having high awake consciousness and I was wondering why I’m so different from other people.

Also I recognize existence of spirit by experience of Ayahuasca ceremony.


Then next day, I played 20 min sound healing session for ecstatic dance, I played with focusing to spirit.
I felt big different and 100 people who ware there also felt big difference, gave me good reaction.

In next week he is going to have another channeling session and invite me to play music while he is channeling.

Then we made distance channeling session between Thailand and Japan.

He is making live stream by Facebook, I record song by smart phone and microphone, then edit out and upload to YouTube.

This is video of that time.




When I was recording that video, I was just focusing to elder of galaxy. What I felt was “Wow, it is really easy to do!”.

I’ve been doing Vipassana meditation for more than 10 years, specially last 6 years I meditate every morning. For me, very easy to focus consciousness to something. I channeled it very well!


What kind of inspiration I got?


I was focused on that vibration, then my way of thinking is following that vibration way of thinking.

Then information I got is I don’t need to do anything I’m not interested. Just stay focused on doing what I feel interested.

Then harvest what come out from it.
Now is the season of harvest.

Until that time, my recognition about relationship between me and Tsukiko is independent from each other.

We stay together just because we want to stay together.

But I understood now is the time to release separation line between us and become one unit.

When I think it as separate independent being, flow of money is stuck.
But if I think it as we are one unit, money flow is no problem. (She was working in farm for while)

Even I would say I manifest Tsukiko to create perfect flow. And I understood I manifest sucked flow of money to encourage myself to unification with Tsukiko.

I told to Tsukiko about I want to create partnership with her to share money and things.
At beginning she was resist a bit, but she accept it later….

It seems like that but maybe it want like that…..

Because this idea is become root of negativity in future.



To be continued…

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