Enter to the musical path


When I was 18 years old, I was living alone in downtown of Osaka, spending most of time for fill up my interest to art.

That time my brother’s band was disbanded. He was playing bass in experimental rock band.

He was much more interested to create electronic music than playing in band.

Then he invite me to create music unit together…..


Tape Collage Unit

My brother had small sequencer for program sound, I got Sampler machine to collect and play music. We are ready to start explore world of music!

We ware searching our way of making music. Soon after we found our original way of art expression.

We start to make electro beats music combined with Osaka style sense of black joke.

We had 2 rules for this unit.

  • Anti copyright policy we use only sample which others can recognize what is the source of sample. We use a whole phrase of samples from other famous commercial song or TV show to combine together to create totally different music.
  • No original sound policy – Do not play any musical instrument. Do not program any rhythm or melody. We just use sound samples from others.
  • Only collage is way to express our music – We used Macintosh computer but we create music by method of tape collage.


We wanted to challenge to concept of music.

We made many songs and send it to music label to release songs. But of cause none of them accept our music. They don’t like that anti copyright policy.

Until now, no body listen except few people.

Now it is shared to public. Probably you wouldn’t understand if you don’t speak Japanese.

Name of unit is “SENBOKU Komyunity”. We took the name from local classified free magazine in the area we grew up.

Hope you enjoy it.

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