Opening up my channeling ability

Spring equinox of 2017, I had channeling session with my friend.

I usually don’t trust these kind of spirit worker, but he is different. He is one of the person I trust in this kind of area.

In that session, he channel into his guide spirit Angel Uriel and let me ask question to Uriel. My question was if Uriel wants to tell me something, I would like to hear.

Uriel told me about my guide spirit and what I was actually doing when I play Handpan.

Uriel told me my guide spirit is very huge spirit, it is something like elder spirit is bundle up one galaxy by wisdom, It is sounds like very silly to write it in here. Probably no-body trust my word. Its ok, I’m aware about it 😉

But I accept that idea smoothly because one of reason is I trust my friend channeler.

Another reason is make sense for me about I have such a huge spirit. When I look back my life and observe my own consciousness, for me make sense to here my life is navigated by wise guide spirit.

How I channel and express it

Uriel told me like this.

  • When I play Handpan, not only humans are listener of my music. Always all kind of spirits are coming from different dimension to listen my music.
  • If I have the intention to connect to energy of my guide spirit, it will let me pass that vibration through my music.
  • If I intend to pass that vibration to listener spirit, they will receive that vibration.
  • When that vibration reach to listener spirit, they will be healed by vibration.

This is how I can channel guide spirit to heal spirits around me.

Explore into combination of music and spirituality and spiritism

Since that channeling message I receive, I decide to express it in public and share my ability to the people.

I start to have weekly Handpan channeling workshop and weekly Handpan meditation workshop.

Try to find my ability and go deeper into it.


These are flyer I made for my workshop. It was fun to edit and design flyer.




This is video of I channel into my guide spirit and bring that vibration and share.

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