Drop out from School, Religion, Japan

After I quit Jehovah’s witness, I drop out high school. I get out from japan to visit my sister in Peru. Probably I wanted to get out from everything I was belong to.

First time I fly with airplane in my life, first time away from language I can understand, first time I saw lots of non-Japanese people, first time away from parents.
Every experience was really new and fresh for me. I didn’t afraid so much to go out from japan. Compare with fear to quit Jehovah’s witness, nothing really scary.
I took flight from Osaka to L.A., then Florida, then Lima, Peru. My sister and husband came to pick me up from airport. it was easy and long time journey to Peru, other side of planet.

Life in Peru

We took bus to go to husband’s home town Huancayo. Me and my sister start to live together in apartment in the town. Huancayo is country side town, There are no foreigner in town except me and my sister. Must be there is more but we didn’t see any foreigner there.
When I arrive there, husband’s work is not going well. My sister asked me to borrow them money. I had about $1000 USD, I saved by part-time job in japan. I rend them all money, anyway I didn’t know way to use money.
Before I go to Peru, I didn’t know what I gonna do there, or even I could say I didn’t know what is life, how do I live. There was no TV to watch, no magazine, books, radio, games, anything to kill my time, I didn’t know any other way to spend time.
When I was in japan, I spend most of time for school and activity of Jehovah’s witness. Rest of time I spend for TV and comics, games etc… Then suddenly I don’t have to go to school or activity of Jehovah’s witness. Also there is no culture for people who don’t speak Spanish.
I was really board in my sister’s house. I can only speak Japanese to my sister, I don’t have friends, don’t have money to spend, also my sister and husband afraid to me to go out to town, they told me to stay in home.
I was kind of stuck in house without any entertainment. it wasn’t easy situation for 17 years old kid. I really have nothing to do. I start to write diary. I express all negativity I had inside of me. I wrote all my complex feelings and dream for future. I wrote all kind of secret I hide it from my mom.
Now I understand it was nice preparation time for me to confront myself and accept reality, ready to fly high.
Two months of boring time was passed. I start to connect with same age local friend from Jehovah’s witness society. We went to mountains and rivers, hang around together. My life slowly become more fun.

Sister’s marriage party

After two months of stay, my mom and my anti came to Peru for my sister’s marriage party. It was big party about one week. After that we all travel together around Peru, visit tourist place like Machu Pichu.
I was planned to stay there more longer but I couldn’t hold that boring feeling. I decide to go back to japan with anti. My mom was plan to stay two more months in Peru, it was good for us to not stay together.
Me and anti and my sister and husband, we took bus to capital of Peru to take flight. That day of moving, I was little bit sick, I catch cold. I thought if I take lots of medicine, it will be ok. It was very stupid action.
On the way to capital, I got strong car sick, I took another pill for car sick. Again it was very stupid action. Combination of medicine and car sick and catch cold, also I got high altitude sickness as well, Peru is mountain country. I was puking intensely, shaking and paralysis, crying and shouting.
Finally we arrived to airport to take flight, I was still sick, I puke by just drink water. They took me to doctor in airport. He shot me muscle injection to my bum. I don’t know what he did, but I felt good after that.
We took flight to japan, safely go home in the end.
To be continued….


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