First time normal life

After I go back to japan, I live alone in house, which never happened before. I didn’t know what to do in life. I just watching TV and play computer game for few months.
After two months since I came back to japan, my mom also came back from Peru. We didn’t really talk to each other. I was keep watching TV and play games. I was continue like that for another 2 months, my sister was worried about me and told me to do something.
That time what I wanted was independent from mom and be free. I decide to get some job for make money to get out from house. I made driving license of scooter, start to work in pizza shop for deliver. I was working there for 8 months. It was only time I experienced normal majority life style in my life, which I was craving for long time since child.
Spending time with friends, went to restaurant at midnight after work, just chatting for few hours. Something simple normal life which I could never experience if I continue Jehovah’s witness.
At beginning I was just deliver pizza to house, time by time I start to do other work. In the end I was doing most of things in pizza shop.

Days of deeply into movie, music culture

After few months, my 18th birthday came. This was sign for me to go to next step.
That time, my sister came back to Japan shortly, she helped me to rent apartment in center of Osaka. I wanted to live city life.
I got part-time job in biggest rental video shop in west japan. That time I wanted to work in TV or cinema kind of job. I thought watching lots of movie is first step for it.
It was very nice period in my life. Basically I was just watching movies all day. average 2 or 3 movies a day for one and half year. I watch more than 2000 movies in that period. It was great investment for my sense of art.
Now I think it was bit too much to watch 3 movies a day, good movie needs time to digest for some time. But that time I had so much curiosity, I spend all my energy into cultural things.
That time I was visiting my brother’s house sometime. He had a poem of Uotake Hamada, in his wall of house. He is my favorite poet that time, but he is not famous at all. Me and my brother we both surprised we never met anyone who knows him. It was his favorite poet as well.
We didn’t grow up together since I was 4 years old. We meet only once in while. But we have same blood from parents. Somehow navigate both of us to feel that poet is really cool. Since then, we became very best friend to each other mostly because we have similar sense of art, and even we are real brothers.
Soon after I start to live alone in city center of Osaka, my brother’s band is finished. He was playing bass in experimental rock band.
He asked me to create music unit together. Of cause I said yes. We met once in a week to create music together. You can find some story and music to listen in here. We made anti copyright tape collage unit.
I was working in big rental video shop, many artists working there as well. I got lots of inspiration from them. That time we had fashion to go out from japan, travel few weeks as backpacker.

Short trip to Thailand

I got inspired and decide to go to Thailand for 3 weeks with friend from rental video shop. It was beginning of March, I was still age of high school student, my classmate of high school is still studying. I felt superiority about it.
We went together to island called Koh Phangan, famous for hippies and party. We took bus and ferry-boat.
On the way we meet another Japanese guy who went to Koh Phangan before. He took us to go to bungalow guesthouse he stayed before. He introduced us marijuana. I smoked first time. I’ve never smoke anything before, probably I couldn’t smoke well. I didn’t feel anything that time.
In that guesthouse, we met another Japanese guy, he is on the way to travel India for 6 months. I was really shocked about what going to do. Just going to India is such an adventure, he gonna travel for 6 months. It was way out of reality I know.
I said to myself one-day I gonna do same as him. I want to see the world!
After few days, full moon party is going to happen. We all excited to go there. I was very curious to take some psychedelic drugs. That time in japan 1997, it was very difficult to get any psychedelics, no one knows about it.
We all eat a bit of marijuana cake for party, took share taxi to go to party place. On the way, I start to feel really stoned. It was way overdose for me. I get off from taxi, puking by the road.
I said to friend, I’ll come later to party, you don’t need to wait me. They took next share taxi and went. I left alone by side of road, I was tripping and don’t know what to do. Luckily somehow I didn’t afraid or panic. I start to walk around area. I found one bungalow there, knocking door and ask for help, but I didn’t speak any English. Of cause they afraid and close door.
After sometime I felt ok. I took share taxi to go back to bungalow where I stay. I didn’t remember address, I told the name of guesthouse to taxi driver, takes sometimes to arrive to guesthouse. It was big adventure for me.
After island trip, me and my friend we decide to travel separately for some time, then meet up again before go back to japan. I went to north of Thailand, trekking to mountain, ride on elephant, visit tribes.
After I came back from trekking, I took pill of ecstasy in guesthouse I stayed. I got it from Ko Phangan, I wanted to take in full moon party but I couldn’t go.
This ecstasy is invented for depression, make people feel happy. It was very shocking to feel happy for me. Because of how I grow up, somehow I believed life is suffering, stupid to be happy. But this depression medicine force me to be happy and made me understand it is ok to be happy without reason.
That ecstasy experience and backpacking in Thailand in general was change my perspective of life. I felt I want to slow down my life and enjoy more.

Relax life style

After I came back to Japan, I start to work in another small rental video shop which going to close soon because of that big rental video shop I’m working. They are not so far from each other, around 1 km distance. Introduced by ex-member of brother’s band.
This small rental video shop has very little customer. They don’t really make money, owner is keep open shop just because of feeding worker. I got so much empty time by working in this small shop. I had opportunity to read lots of books.
I was renting lots of CDs from big rental video shop (They rent huge collection of CDs as well) and I steal mini discs from them. Then while I work in small rental video shop, copying CDs to mini disc.
It was very cultural and easy fun time for me. I was living that life for one and half years. After sometime, my 20 years old birthday is coming soon. It was sign for next step.
To be continued…

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