Excitement before 20 years old birthday

I wanted to do something very special before I get 20 years old birthday.

My favorite poet Uotake Hamada said if you wanna be great person, do something special before get 20 years old. I was inspiring from his word.

That time I really like techno music, every weekend I went to club for dance all night. I was making techno music by computer as well.

I had information about history of techno music, it is link with history of psychedelic drugs. I heard about LSD makes people awake in consciousness, even I don’t know what it means. I felt very silly to make techno music without experiencing LSD.

I asked to my friend who has that kind of knowledge, he had connection to get LSD but he doesn’t want to take responsibility of change my life by giving me LSD.

He said if you want to experience it, go to Goa, India. That’s the place to experience psychedelics. I read something about Goa and LSD from underground magazine. I was very curious about it.

I was grown up in very organized environment in Japan. I wanted to experience chaos of the world. I decide to travel through China and India to experience chaos, then go to Goa to experience LSD!

I had something like $1000 USD that time, plus I going to receive next month another $1000 for salary of part time job. Plus I gonna get back deposit of apartment after I leave, about $500. All together around $2500 it must be enough for sometime to travel cheap country like India and China.

I said to my sister about traveling India for 3, 4 months. She said “ahh you going to travel only 3, 4 months?” I thought 3,4 months is really long time to travel, but she was living in other country for longer time, for her it is short time travel. Because of this her word, I change my mind to travel as much as I can.

One way travel, never go back

3 weeks before my 20th birthday, 15th July 1998, I took ferry boat from Kobe to Shanghai.

These 3 days journey was hell of sea sick. I needed to lying down all the time otherwise I puke immediately. When I stand up for pee, puke is coming up before I reach toilet, then run to puke instead of pee.

On the way to Shanghai, I met another Japanese guy who going to travel China and other Asia country. I told him I’m going to Shanghai, then go to Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, then India.

He told me no one can go that route. Border between Myanmar and India is close. (It is open now 2016) I should have researched before about it, I didn’t know there is border can not pass through.

He said still I can go to India from China by cross over Tibet and Himalaya. Suddenly I change my plan to go through Tibet. Why not?

That time I didn’t speak any English, but Chinese letter and Japanese letter are similar, I can understand meaning of Chinese word. That’s the one of the reason I chose China for my first country to travel alone.

I didn’t know English but I knew some word like “passport” “Hello” “thank you” etc…

When I arrived to China, I went to immigration office to show my passport. What surprised me was even in immigration office, they don’t know word “passport”.

Ok, this is chaos I wanted to experience!!


To be continued….

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