Arrived to china continent

After landed on Shanghai, China, I was still feeling wave of sea inside of me. Start to walk around town to find cheap hotel to stay.

My friend gave me guidebook of China but didn’t really helped me. When I find cheap looking hotel, they always told me to go to other expensive hotel.
I didn’t understand why they don’t let me stay in their hotel.

After sometime keep walking, finally I found a cheap hotel to stay. After that, I understood only big hotels are allowed to host foreigner. Ruled by law.

This was long time ago, I don’t remember enough details to tell story.

I remember it was very difficult to communicate with people. I could understand Chinese word much less than I expected.

Another thing I remember is all the town was grey colour. Buildings are not decorated by paint or tiles, just as concrete and irons. It was shockingly ugly in my eyes.

All food was very tasty and very spicy.
Chinese food we eat in other country is very different from original Chinese food. And often they cheat the price.

Every hotel and every rooms always has free hot water in thermos. That’s Chinese style of customer service.

Somehow I manage to buy train ticket to go to next town Xining. It was 3 days train, I should have bought sleeper class, but somehow I bought chair sheet for these 3 days. I just didn’t know anything about travel.

Sitting on soft chair for 3 days is hard for my ass. In the end of train, my skin of ass was peeled.

In this town or train (I don’t remember exactly) I met two Japanese guys, they study in university in China. They use summer holiday to travel to Tibet. Which is same direction as me!

I asked them to go together to Tibet. They are openly accept me. They know how things goes in China and they speaks Chinese language. They really saved my travel that time. It was not survival anymore with them.

I was following where they go, visit temples and ruins. Eat tasty Chinese food without cheered price.

Mountain road to Tibet

We took another train to Guarm, then take another bus to Lasa, Tibet. This bus is part of government organization. That’s the only way foreigner can travel to Tibet. It include sightseeing tour and hotels for few days.

It took 3 days to go to Tibet. Cross over 5000 meter mountain pass. Everybody mentioned me about high altitude sickness. I prepare medicine to take on the road but 5000 meter is really high, medicine didn’t really helped me. Everybody in bus are suffering with strong headache and dizziness. Mountain path is not well developed, waving dirt road make us puking all the time.

It was quite hardcore disgusting time. All kind of physical difficulty plus dirty manner of Chinese people (It is normal for them, I should not judge them). People are through all garbage inside of bus, they don’t care if there is someone’s bag or not. Even they spitting shell of sunflower seeds and sputum on the someone’s bags.

When bus stops for rest, toilet was extremely dirty, I wouldn’t explain it in here. We needed to poop by side of road, there was no place to hide. There was no trees in high mountain.

Always positive thing happen other side of negative thing. When we arrived to highest point 5000 meter pass, bus stops for us to take picture. I get out from bus, walk around to looking for place to poop, I reached other side of 5000 meter.

It was extremely incredible beautiful view I could never imagine I could get so shocked by view. From this 5000 meter, going straight down to far far away into mountains. All flat and straight, no trees, just green grass.

I wish I had camera that time. I travel without camera, I wanted print it in my eyes and heart.

After 3 days of hardcore bus journey, finally we arrived to Tibet.


By the way featured picture is on the way to Tibet. Left one is me.


To be continued….


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