Arrived to Tibet

After we arrived to Tibet, we ware expected to bus company to take us to hotel and tour. But nothing happened. They just disappear. Is this Chinese style?

We needed to looking for hotel. I had guidebook, it says there is cheap dormitory, many Japanese traveler gather there. We went that hotel to stay.

We met many Japanese traveler. Most of us didn’t speak any English. We hang around together and share info. It was very excited for me, I never met so much travelers, many of them are looks cool and shining.

Another day, there was big Tibetan festival in one of very big gonpa(monastery) in other big town. So many people are there, monks and Tibetan people from all over Tibet.

This festival is famous for showing big tanka (tapestry) on wall of gompa, once in a year. It is huge, I guess it is around 30 meter by 30 meter square. Could be bigger, could be smaller.

One of Tibetan family invite me to eat lunch together and watch this tanka together. They invited other monk as well. While we ware eating, suddenly one of monk start touching my inner thigh.

Whattttt?? Monk touching my inner thigh??

I was freeze. I heard lots of homosexual people in Christian monastery, I can understand it happen same in Tibetan monetary.

But actually he was touching me because he never saw hair in inner thigh. Tibetan people they are almost no hair in body. They are very curious to see hair in inner thigh. That’s it, hahaha.

On the way back to hotel, one of our friend Japanese guy suddenly get off from bus. He said going to hitchhike through country side of Tibet, there is no bus line. Hitchhike is only way to travel.

I thought he got crazy by Tibetan magic, but he seems like quite normal and calm. Probably he did it before. We left him on the road in middle of no where, far far away from civilization. We felt bit guilty to left him.

He was very beautiful under the deep clear blue sky, standing on yellow desert mountain, carrying backpack on his shoulder. There ware no car around, he was real independent being.


first time birthday party in my life is happened in Tibet

After few days from that festival, it was my 20th birthday. I didn’t think to make big party or anything special. I grew up in Jehovah’s witness, we never celebrate rather than Jehovah god. I never celebrate my birthday until that time.

I told to one of my friend, then he told to other one, then other one told to….. In the end all people in hotel knows I have a birthday. In the evening, everybody bring food and alcohol to our dormitory, start make party.

It was very nice celebration, my first birthday party. All together 17 people celebrate for me. I felt my mission of doing something special before 20 years old is done.


travel heading to Nepal, another 5000 meter path

I was spending 2 weeks in China, 2 weeks in Tibet, but Chinese visa is one month limitation, they count Tibet as China as well. I need to go to Nepal before visa finish.

Unfortunately road between Tibet and Nepal was crushed by storm. We can only go through by special off-road 4WD car. I share with two American guys and Tibetan people to go through to Nepal.

Road was hard dirt road, same as on the way to Tibet. Again we pass through 5000 meter, but this time I was get used to high altitude, I could enjoy the journey of nice view.

We safely arrived to the border. Finish immigration process and walk to Nepal side. After few minutes walk away from Tibet/China border, one of travel mate American guy was looking back to Tibet/China side and stand middle finger of hand, shouting “Fuck China!!!”.

That was one of few word I could understand from him, I understood his feeling very well. It was very hard journey for me. Probably much harder for him. He doesn’t understand any Chinese language, no body translate for him, probably he got cheated all the time by his American looks.

We walk through road between Tibet and Nepal, it was already nice feeling, surrounded by forest and river, easy to breathe, easy to walk.

When we arrived to immigration office of Nepal, they smiled us and speaks English (I didn’t understand anyway).

I felt we arrived to paradise.
To be continued…



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