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Happy time in Brasov

3 weeks ago, I kicked out from house I lived in Sibiu, Romania. I spend few days in dormitory in town to organize all my stuff. Keep some of them in friend house in Sibiu, send some of them to friend. Sale or through away some other stuff.

I asked my friend in Brasov to let me stay in his place until I leave country. He was generously accept me and treat me very well. Feed me with good healthy food and warm house with warm friendship.
In exactly same time his good friend was also kicked out from house and come to stay in his house. She told me many crazy story of house owner. She was bit traumatized from it.
We share very beautiful lovely time together. Play music together, hiking to water spring in mountain on the snow, I cook tons of sushi for birthday party, having lots of fun.
They reminds me beauty of friendship again. In last 8 months, I was keeping distance from social with friends. I was very much into beauty of quietness and focus to creation. I had lots of meditation and create many kind of art.
After I kicked out from house, flow of my life is drastically changed. I’m more into light weight, less possession, flexible traveling style. That’s the reason I decide to sale one of my Handpan (D Hijaz) to cover debt to my mom.
When I arrived to friend house in Brasov, he just got his first Handpan (D Minor). I was helping him by introduce my connection to get good one with good price without wait long time.
Handpan he got (D Minor) is almost same scale as Handpan (D harmonic minor) I have now, which is specially made to fit with Handpan (D Hijaz) I’m going to sale.
I visit his house with Handpan (D Hijaz) I’m going to sale. We played together with his new Handpan (D Minor). It was extremely going well together!!
He just bought new Handpan but he want to get my one as well because it goes really well together. But I already promised to sale to another friend in California. He asked me in case if she don’t want to buy it, I want to buy it.
That was my wish too. I want these two Handpans to stay together because of their beautiful combination. Also I don’t need to pack to send and receive money through international transfer.
Next day this lady who supposed to buy was cancelled because of high price, she didn’t check well about price.
Happily my Handpan was sold to him. It was much more easy for me and next time when I visit Romania again, I can play it. He was saving money to buy car, but give up and buy Handpan. It is very wise choice in my eyes.

Exit trouble in airport

After wonderful days in Brasov, I took bus to Cluj-Napoca, Romania to take flight to Cologne, Germany, then took another flight to Bangkok. It was quite cheap, less than 300 euro include check in luggage.
I slept night in Cluj-Napoca airport, because my flight is 7 am in morning. I went through immigration office, they start counting number of how many days I stayed in Romania. I knew it is less than 90 days of visa limit.
They told me to come to office, they said,
“You are over stayed.”
I said “What?? I’m going out before 90 days, what’s wrong?”
They explained me if Japanese people enter to Romania, we need to stay away from Romania at least 6 months in between.
I was in Romania 7 month ago, then away for 3 weeks and come back again to Romania. Nobody tells me anything, immigration office let me enter again normally. I felt like cheated by law.
They took me to office and need to sign up to pay fine. When they making paper work, I saw their past case of over stay. There was name of Japanese guy as well. Probably this is Japanese killer trap. I never heard any European country needs to go away for 6 months in between.
While they make paper work, my flight time is getting closer and closer. I was little pushing them to hurry and they get irritated. In the end I sign up to pay 800 lei ($200 USD) when I enter again to Romania.
10 minutes before flight, I got in to airplane. Finally arrived safely to Bangkok.
To be continued…

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