Tsukiko’s spiritual awakening

My friend Japanese girl Tsukiko was came from California to talk with me.

She had very strong spiritual experience and wants to share with me but she was bit confused and don’t know how to explain to me.

I asked her to tell me her recent story one by one. Sometimes she jump story to future and past, every time I bring her back to present and continue story.

After few hours of talk she finish most of her story. It wasn’t so easy to keep talking after 10 days of silence but we made it.

I wouldn’t tell whole story here because it is very complex long story, it took one week of talking to understand completely.

What I can say now is she is going through very powerful process and got confused from it. Now she is calm down and confidently clearly accept her state of awakening.

I was amazed how we have connection to each other. We met few times in last 4 years, in central America. Few times she bought my art product and sale it in Japan and USA.


Connection in past life

What most special meeting was when we met in Guatemala on 2014. That time we had common friends, they are Japanese girl twins. That time they travel around the world by making channeling session to the people. One girl can draw aura of soul, one girl can read akashic record. They called themself as Earth Gypsy.

I usually don’t trust these kind of people but when I met them, immediately understood they are real one. I ask them to make session for me.

Same day Tsukiko was receiving session from them. They said me and Tsukiko was fighting together in Cuba revolution in past life. And we are in same soul group, we both have last life in this planet.


Spiritual connection in this life

Me and Tsukiko meet few times in last few years but we never really spent time together. We talk some time but not so deep. We chat in Facebook sometimes.

This time she came to Thailand and we talk all day long from morning till night, mostly about life and spirituality. We both surprised how we understand each other.

I usually don’t talk so much about my spirituality because often people think I’m crazy about what I say, sometime people get upset about my belief, and anyway most of the people don’t understand what I said.

That’s why I chose to express myself through this blog. Blog is free to read and free to stop read, as well as free to believe or not.

I believe we all individual human beings are living in different individual universe, we can never understand each other completely. What we can do is feel we understanding each other. But no one can proof we are really understood each other or not.

When me and Tsukiko speak, I feel we deeply understand each other. Which is unusual level of understanding, I surprised about it. Probably she felt same. That’s why she flew from California to Thailand to talk with me.

Visa run to Malaysia

After few days of stay in monastery, I decide to move to Penang, Malaysia for get Thai tourist visa for longer time.

I invite Tsukiko to come with me. At beginning she wasn’t interested to come but once she knows Penang is nice island, she decide to come.

We took train to Penang, it was few days of easy journey. We are both very experienced traveler, things goes smooth and easy.

In Penang, we found nice hotel, cheap and clean and quiet. 46 Rim (price of 2016) for double bed room with shower. It is called “Hotel Noble” in tulia street in George town. Highly recommend.

This is Google map of hotel.

When we arrived to Penang, we asked to hotel to organize Thai visa, luckily Thai visa cost is free for these few months.

We ware just waiting to get visa. Walk around town and eat tasty food. Malaysia is famous for good food. They have mix culture of Malaysian (Muslim) and Chinese (Buddhist) and Indian (Hindu).

One time I was busking in artist market in Armenian street on Saturday afternoon. This is quite good busking spot. There is no organization to control, just go and play, people are happy and throw money.

This is Google map of street.


Man and Woman

Hotel we stayed was very comfortable place, we just lay down and keep chatting from morning till late night. We ware amazed about we can understand each other.

After few days of staying in same room as man and woman, I start to think maybe we should connect as sexual as well, not just by brothers and sisters.

I was curious about how our connection goes. I was asking her about our sexual connection and ask her to cuddle me. When she hug me, it was very weird feeling, immediately I felt this is wrong.

I decide to treat her as fellow of walking spiritual path, not as sexual partner.

She is very happy about our chat. She wants to give me something for appreciation. I asked her about new laptop, my laptop is almost die from heat of southeast Asia.

She had light weight laptop “MacBook Air” in her home in Japan, she didn’t use for while. She decide to give it to me. This is what I wanted for last half year but I couldn’t buy it because of my money situation. I was trying to manifest it and I knew it will come to me, but I didn’t expect it will come like this.

I was very happy about it, then I offer her tao shiatsu massage I studied before. I wanted to express my happiness and gratitude to her existence.

Next day after wake up from bed, I meditate and do yoga, take shower and brush teeth to be ready to give good massage.

I gave her best massage with full of love and energy. It create strong effect to her. She was flying for while even after finish massage. She said it was really great massage and very special thing happened but she doesn’t want to say what happened to her.

After sometime, she told me what happened to her. She got orgasm from my massage. I didn’t touch her sexually at all, it was just shiatsu massage but full of energy and love. Somehow she react to this love energy and got orgasm.

That night while I was sleeping, she start to touch my hand and I touch back to her, start to touch body and slightly excited and made love in the end.

I felt it was very normal smooth flow, it was very different energy than when I asked her to cuddle me few days ago.

Things has best timing and flow.
To be continued…

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