Going to hippie island Koh Phangan in Thailand

I and Tsukiko are decided to go to Thailand to spend some more time together.
I was planned to go to southern island called Koh Phangan.
Few friends are already living in this island.
One of good friend of mine (We had music band together 2 years ago in Chiang Mai) is organizing restaurant and accept volunteer for exchange with little work.
And he is already hosting some of my sailing friends from other continent without knowing they are my friends.
I thought it could be fun idea to stay with them for some time.
I and Tsukiko took ferry and train and taxi to go from Malaysia to Koh Phangan.
It was very easy journey again.

New holy place for spiritual hippies, Sri Thanu

We arrived to friends restaurant.
They are very welcomed us.
Funny thing is last time I came to Koh Phangan was 20 years ago. That time I was just follow friends to go to bungalow. Surprisingly this friend`s restaurant is just other side of the road of bungalow I was stayed 20 years ago!!
That time there was nothing in the area except that bungalow and jungle.
I wrote that 20 years ago travel story in this post, if you feel, please read.
In this 20 years, this Sri Thanu village area is developed around this bungalow. Now a days there is many yoga ashram build.
In last 10 years, this area is become holy place for travelers and hippies who likes spiritual kind of stuff.
Become one of most hot place in this planet.
My friend`s restaurant are closing for now to make renovation.
It was quite mess and not so comfortable physically.
We decide to look for room to stay more comfortably in nature surrounded area.
We rent motor bike and just drive around jungle area.
We visited quite few houses.
Some of house are nice but too expensive.
Some of room are cheap but not nice.
Some of bungalow are cheap and nice but stinky with mold.
That day was Christmas eve, which is one of most busy day of island, all rooms are already full.
We keep continue asking to house one by one, little by little going to more deep in jungle.

New comfortable home

After some time, we found really nice wooden bungalow in quiet jungle with river.
Good distance from neighbor and including all kind of kitchen tools, furniture, hot shower.
Even with Wi-Fi.
if we rent for three months, price is going down to 8000 baht per month
Which is $114 USD per month.
We felt this is really good deal, 3 months holiday in such a nice quality bungalow for this price is amazing.
We stop look for another house anymore and decide to rent it.
We immediately move in to this bungalow, start to prepare nice comfortable house situation from next day.
Go to wholesale food supermarket to buy lots of food, mostly grains, beans, spices and condiments and extra kitchen tools.
After we prepare all the foods, we just stay in house and eating good food with nice kitchen.
Maybe this kitchen is very simple kitchen for most of the people, but we are traveling most of time, we didn’t have much chance to have good kitchen.
Most of days we cook and eat and sleep. Just having lazy slow life.
Luckily my good Japanese friend who lives here for long time is traveling India now, she let me use her motorbike for free.
It is not so expensive to rent motorbike here but if I rent it for 3 months is become some amount.
I really appreciate this opportunity.
Every Saturday I go to town market and play music in street, also sometime I play music for event and workshop to make little more money.
Sometime we went to free psytrance party in south part of island to having fun.
One time I was dancing too much in that psytrance party, my muscle are painful, sweat all body, then going back home after midnight. Wind is quit cold in winter time.
Then I catch cold for almost 2 weeks.
I had high fever and no energy to move around.
Just stay on bed, reading books and using internet.
Tsukiko was taking care me all the time.
Thanks a lot.
I thought I got malaria or Dengue fever, long days of high fever but I’m not sure what it was.
Anyway it was very good cleansing and detox for me.
My immune system is stronger than before now.
After these high fever, I become strong and healthy.
Start to play music in street and event again.

Friend comes from California again

After sometime, my friend didgeridoo player is come from California to travel Thailand and visit me.
We used to play together and recording in California little bit.
While he stays here for one week, we made lots of jam session, recording, performance in event, dance together in contact improvisation and ecstatic dance.
We had lots of fun and adventure together.
When we played busking in market street, market organizer came to stop us playing.
Maybe my friend’s didgeridoo was bit too loud for street.
We kicked out from street then moved to entrance of market.
We thought this new spot is just outside of market, probably market organizer will not do anything to us.
But it was bad choice in surface point of view.
After sometime we play in this spot, police came to stop us.
It was just near by police station.
They have to stop us in this case.
They took my passport and trying to take us to police station.
I apologized them and promise to not do it again.
In the end they released us.
After all that happened, some western lady come to talk with us.
She said “You guys are really lucky, my friend was kicked out from Thailand by playing music in same spot”.
Oh, wow… ok we ware really lucky in this case.
I didn’t think such a serious thing about play music in street.
I can not play in street anymore but we didn’t kicked out from country.
We are so lucky!
We decide to take it as positive and celebrate our luck.
We went to food market and buy huge baked fish, appreciate our luck and life of fish.

Going to no human island by sailing boat

One big highlight of his staying time is we visit our common sailing boat friends here in Koh Phangan.
These sailing boat clue is friends while I was traveling central America for world rainbow gathering and hippie community in jungle in Costa Rica.
They went to Panama after living in jungle community.
Hitchhike sailing boat across Pacific ocean for 3 years.
Making money by music performance and circus show on the way in pacific island.
On the road of Pacific ocean, they got donated one sailing boat and one of the clue he bought his own sailing boat.
They are on the way to Africa for around the world by sailing boat and just stop by Koh Phangan for now.
They invite us to sail together to small island near by Koh Phangan. There is secret beach and cave in this island.
We all meet up in beach, ride on small rubber boat, rowing to the big sailing boat anchoring bit far from beach.
That day, wind and current was strong, it took sometime to reach the sailing boat.
Somehow we arrived sailing boat, prepare to sail up, checking wind and direction.
We took lots of time to prepare but finally we start sailing to the island!
As I expected, boat was shaking quite a lot.
I kept my body vertical from gravity to protect myself from sea-sick.
Slowly getting closer to the island.
But I realized this is not island we are heading to.
They told me we need to go to far island first, then return to that island we actually want to go.
This is because of direction of wind and current.
If sail boat goes to certain direction, they need to go to one direction, then return to where they actually wants to go.
It was very slow process.
Same time this process is calming down us a lot.
But finally we arrived to the island we wanted to go.
In the end it took 3 hours from beach to this island, time is 1:30pm.
I have to go back to the beach on 4:30pm, it’s mean, I have to go back now….
I have  performance in event this evening…
I already told to captain of boat about I have to go back in 4:30pm, he knew about it.
I was wandering what he is thinking about it and asked him.
He said there is strong motor in boat, if we need to go speedy, we can go back in 10 min, everything under controlled.
Ahh, ok..
We are still back upped by civilization.
Some of us took rubber boat to go to beach of this island, some of us went to hunt fish by spear.
We enjoyed beach for sometime, wondering around area.
After sometime, one of the girl of sailing clue asked me to row back rubber boat to sail boat.
She wants to swim back to sailing boat. It is not so far, probably around 100m.
I and didgeridoo friend are climbing to rock and walk around.
When we see sail boat, they are shouting to the hunting team.
It seems unusual, looks very serious.
We felt something happen and needs to go back to sail boat now.
We pick up one more girl from beach and speedy rowing rubber boat to sail boat.
Then we realize, girl who swim back to sail boat was caught by strong current.
She is already far away and need help.
Captain was jumped in to water with fin to help her.
Same time another girl jumped in to water without fin. This was bad action.
This girl also trapped in current as well.
In the end captain needs to help two girl, can’t do anything.
Hunting team go to rescue them but 5 people in small boat is really too much.
We go back to sail boat, I and another girl are get off from rubber boat.
Didgeridoo friend is stay in rubber boat to rescue other people.
We through long rope to didgeridoo friend, he took this rope to hunting team.
They can not move anymore because of 5 people in one small boat.
But with rope is easy to pull them back.
We success to pass rope to them.
Slowly pull them back to sail boat.
In the end everything ok, but captain is so angry.
He said there was at least 5 mistake we did in this rescue mission.
He explains us one by one what was wrong.
It was very serious heavy mood in boat.
We decide to go back beach by using motor.
There is not much time left.
On the way back to beach, one of the clue said with smile.
“It ask good in the end”
He made some kind of magic, we all smile and happy after his word.
We come back to the beach again, it was really fun adventure.
My didgeridoo friend is really inspired from this experience.
He is considering to by sail boat too.
After all, we arrived to event on time, play live and happy.
All good!
To be continued….

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