Why I chose to born on this body?

I gonna write how do I think now about environment I was grown up.

I believe reincarnation.

Of cause no one can proof it is exist, same time no one can proof it is not exist. I don’t want force this idea to anyone, also I don’t care if you against my idea.

Please just believe what you want to believe.

In this post, I gonna write from my personal point of view about environment I grew up.

I already wrote in past post, when I was child, I was cursing my fortune. It was so hard for me, I was always wishing to born in normal family, and I admire to live normal life.

At now, I believe before we born, we all choose where we going to be born next life. We choose a perfect situation for evolution of soul.

In this meaning, my choice is incredibly perfect, I clapping hands to myself these days.


Difficulty of life is turning to treasure

I think I went through high level hardcore life practice. If it happened in adult time, probably I was running away from that unfair life.

knocking door of every house with necktie as Jehovah’s witnesses is extremely shameful experience for kids in Japan. But because of this experience, I’m not afraid to be different as others. I don’t mind so much about people think I’m crazy.

Born in religious family was good opportunity to confront my inner world. Usually kids doesn’t want to confront these things.

I was bullied and didn’t have friend, but because of it, I’m not afraid about people hate me.

When I was 17 years old, I was confronting greatest fear of quit Jehovah’s witnesses, if I compare with this fear, any other challenge in my life is nothing afraid.

That time I was ready to become homeless beggar to get freedom, it helped me to feel no problem to be poor person.

My mom was totally gave up all material desire and things she can get from normal society.

Because of that, I start my life based on not valuing material pleasure. This is very high position for spiritual life to start.

All these difficult experience could be trauma for me. But when I quit Jehovah’s witness, I put all guilty on them. I forget about all suffer and start new life.

My life is really well made story, I want to give best scenario prize to my soul.


What I learnt

Even these difficult experience, I feel strong gratitude to my mom. Now I understand she was doing her best with love, according to what she believes.

What I learned from mom is like this, even my believe is different from others, stay believe what I believe. I know it could be very risky and dangerous thoughts.

She has quite different believes and force it to child but it should be like that according to bible which she follows. For her it could be like this, “I know truth of the world, I ha