Perfectness of life

Now I understand how everything perfectly aligned to take me on flow of travel.

It was very well created scenario by my higher self. I cheer to myself 🙂
Very recently I fail audition which I was not sure I want to go that direction or not.
Then I kicked out from house I live. Owner didn’t like house messed by cat.
I was almost forced to be on the road again.
Now is time to be light weight, I decide to sale one of my Handpan as well. Pack up myself and get on the flow!
And perfect timing I start write this blog. Probably this post would be prologue of story.
This is perfect opportunity for me to express art of being.
When I tune into flow of travel, I tune into very interesting frequency, manifest interesting experience. Which is most of the people can never imagine this kind of reality is actually exist.
This experience brings me quite high feeling I really would like to share with you.

Limitation of expression

But unfortunately this feeling is can not share with anyone. Each one of you needs to feel it by yourself.
You don’t have to travel for it. You have your own way to feel it. And only you know what is your way.
I can not share feelings but I can share story. I can report my life lively.
But unfortunately not everyone can get what I really mean.
One reason is because of my ability to express it in word. I just started to write blog, I don’t have much experience of writing. After few years of writing. I could write bit more well express myself.
Also English is not my native language, it may create confuse in your mind.
And another reason is what I going to write is very much out of common sense of majority of society. Require some kind of sense to understand what I want to say.
If you have that sense to understand what I want to say, this blog has possibility to shake your mind and heart very strongly.
This blog has potential to change your life completely. At least this is my intention.
I’ll be very happy if this blog can reach even just one person to share my feelings.
I wish you are the one!

One thought on “Flow of Life

  1. It makes me so happy to see that you are on your path and it inspires me to also go and follow my hearts desire even more!.
    thank you for being you 🙂

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