My name is pOrtal.
Musician, Designer, Blogger, Translator, Dancer, Meditator, World Traveler.
Consciousness, Existence, Life, God, Universe, One who never born and ever die, Artist of Being.
1978, My physical body appear in this three dimension in 9th of August.
It is same day as when atomic bomb explode in Nagasaki 33 years ago before I born.
I am peace generator.
I grew up as child of Jehovah’s Witnesses family in Osaka, Japan.
1995, Quit Jehovah’s Witnesses, high school.
Went to Peru for 2 months.
1996, I start to recognize myself as artist, start to express it as form of electronic music.
1998, I start travel all around the world more than 40 country. Never stop until now.
Most of early 20’s of my life, hang around in India.
2005, Deep into the world of consciousness with Vippassana meditation technique.
2008, I awake to who I am really.
Oneness experience with universe, God and all parallel dimensions.
Happened by combination of Vipassana meditation, Ashtanga yoga, Tantra yoga, Macrobiotic and travel without money in Jerusalem, Israel.
Named project as “Artist of Being”, Expressing art of existence.
2009, Start to make business with Hemp cloth and Crop Circle design embroidery patches.
2011, I start to play music instrument called Handpan.
2012, While I was traveling by bicycle, I stop speak for one month. That time I received inspiration about I should change my name to pOrtal.
2015, I start composing music combine with live performance of Handpan and computer.
2016, I start express my art of being by blog format.